Get Inspired... Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Home Improvement IdeaOur Staff Picks for Kitchen Improvement IdeasWhy?  Could be resale value. Could be you’re tired of the same old, same old. From recovering that tired-looking laminate countertop to adding LED lighting or pull-out storage, and our many partners have many ways to help along the way.Hard to Install? Many of our project ideas can be..... continue reading

Accuride 9301 HD Slide FLASH SALE!

For the next 7 days, purchase any 18", 28", or 30" Heavy Duty 9301 Accuride Drawer Slides at a amazing discount.  Limited Inventory.  Shop NowAccuride 18" 9301 HD SlideAccuride 28" 9301 HD Slide (promotional items sold out)Accuride 30" 9301 HD SlideMake sure to join our facebook, or twitter page to be notified of future FLASH SAL..... continue reading

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Heartbleed Announcement

To Our Valued Customer, Here at the Internet is our life and we take security extremely seriously.  I am pleased to inform you that All of our servers run a version of SSL that are not affected by the Heartbleed bug and your on-line shopping experience will continue to be safe and secure. We thank Google’s Security team for bringing this security breac..... continue reading

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You spend a lot of time in the Bathroom. Show it love.

Home Improvement IdeaBath Hardware Why?  Designing the dream bathroom is as much about the accessories as it is about the necessities. The little things are important and can mean the difference between plain and glamorous. From contemporary to traditional, has all you’ll need to make the boldest of statements.Hard to Install? Installation of t..... continue reading

Your CEO isn't the only one that can have an AWESOME Closet.

Home Improvement IdeaCloset Organization Accessories Co-Worker Style under $200 - CEO Style under $1,100Why?  We all have Closet clutter. What better way to banish it by adding some closet accessories to give you more storage space? No matter your budget, you can create the closet of your dreams. has all the pieces to organize and manage the clutter.Har..... continue reading

Kitchen Trash Pull-Out System under $250

Home Improvement IdeaKitchen Trash Pull-Out System As Low as $200 + Free Shipping! (limited time)Why?  The addition of a Cascade Series trash pullout will enhance the beauty and workability of your kitchen, making you the envy of the neighborhood.Hard to Install? Installation is easy with a battery-operated screw gun, tape measure and double-stick tape.  These pullouts sc..... continue reading Chronicles April 2014

A Small Price to Pay for Quiet...Sick of noisy cabinet doors but don’t want to get all new hinges? Try a retrofit solution that, for a small investment, will bring a LARGE measure of peace and quiet. The Grass Unisoft is a small soft-close damper that simply mounts in the upper corner of your cabinet. Adjust the damper to your required closing speed and Voila! Instant soft, smooth and qu..... continue reading

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Glideware - Exactly What You Need, at Your Fingertips

Looking for a new direction in kitchen organization? Glideware may be the answer to what you are searching for….Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014 The way we organize and store things in our kitchens has changed drastically from the days of stacking pots and pans in cabinets or reaching to the back of a lazy Susan to get what we need. Modern kitchens look for ways to ma..... continue reading

Omni Track - Universal Design for any Room in Your Home

Universally designed products are made to be aesthetically pleasing and usable to anyone regardless of age, ability or status in life. Omni Track provides this concept in an easy-to-use system of organizers.Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014Storage needs can vary greatly from home to home depending on how many people live in the home, how much square footage you have and how that square foo..... continue reading

Cabinet Lighting for Under $250

Good lighting is an essential part of any kitchen. The right lighting can take your kitchen from cold and sterile to warm and inviting in very little time. It can highlight beautiful countertops and provide proper illumination to complete any task. And with LED technology, you get super energy-efficient lighting with virtually no heat and Tresco Lighting can mak..... continue reading

New! Bath Hardware — Small Change, BIG IMPACT!

Changing the look of your bath or powder room can be as easy as changing out your hardware. For a small investment, your room can go from outdated to updated in minutes!Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014 In this tough economy, it is often hard to decide where best to invest your hard-earned dollars, but if you are a homeowner, your best asset is the roof over your head. Investin..... continue reading

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Change it up….Did you know that you can dramatically change the look of a room just by changing the hardware? Why not start in your bath or powder room? Pick your favorite style and finish from our fantastic selection of bath hardware accessories. Many also have matching cabinet knobs and pulls to help you complete the transformation. And for a limited time, receive free ground shi..... continue reading

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Love is…..The look and feel of natural stone at a fraction of the cost. HD Laminate and Bevel Edge from Wilsonart together create a countertop system that looks spectacular and is affordable and easy to care for. For a limited time, save on laminate and bevel edge. Isn’t it time you loved your countertop? For more information: Laminate for Countertops ..... continue reading

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New! Century Components - Kitchen Organizers

Today’s world is one of mass production and using technology to create what was once done by craftsmen. But one company in Ohio is reversing that trend.Pompano Beach, FL, February 2014What does the term “hand-crafted in the U.S.A.” really mean? For Century Components in Sugarcreek, Ohio, they mean what they say!Located in the heart of the world’s largest Amish community, Ce..... continue reading

Innovative New Wine Storage Garners Industry Accolade

Today’s smaller spaces may not have room for the wine connoisseur’s expanding collection to be stored properly. But small dwelling spaces don’t mean you have to run to the store each time you want a bottle to drink. Wine Logic storage racks offer the perfect solution.Pompano Beach, FL, January 2014We all would love to live in a chateau where storage for your wine collection would..... continue reading

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Accuride Inventory Reduction Sale!Okay… So sometimes we buy too much… Black Friday sale prices were too low to resist.But hey - our mistake is your bonus! We are clearing out excess Accuride slide inventory on several models like the 1029 and the 9301. Savings and quantities are limited, so shop today!Use coupon code accuride20 at checkout to get an additional 20% off any Acc..... continue reading

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The Peace and Quiet of the Season- For Years to Come….Looking for a way to bring some quiet to the busiest room in your home?Try installing soft-close hinges or an independent soft-close mechanism to your cabinet doors.In under 5 minutes you will wonder what took you so long to make this move! Soft-close hinges and soft-close mechanisms stop the closing force of your door at a ..... continue reading

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Give Your Kitchen a Lift - With Aventos Lift Systems by BlumAventos Lift Systems are a great way to change the way you think about opening cabinet doors. Rather than the usual layout, consider having cabinets over the sink that open up to highlight special glassware. With the Aventos system, you have a choice of 4 different opening styles to help create just the right functionality f..... continue reading

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Scary Kitchen? Bring Your Countertops Back From the Dead!Do you want to scream every time you walk into your kitchen? Then make a change! New Laminate Countertops could be just the answer to your nightmares! carries thousands of laminate patterns and colors as well as all the accessories needed to complete a professional-looking installation. And for a limited time, ALL Lamina..... continue reading

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The Look of Granite Countertops - At a Fraction of the CostWilsonart HD is a system of beautiful, “no sticker shock” countertop designs and a selection of “no line” finished edges. Put it all together and you have the realistic look of granite countertops at a fraction of the cost, and without the worries of staining, scratching, or chipping. Wilsonart HD High Definition Lami..... continue reading

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SERVO-DRIVE components to the Aventos Lift Systems

We have now added the SERVO-DRIVE components to the Aventos Lift Systems for HS, HL, HK & HF.It is pretty simple to add the system. Just a matter of adding 3 additional parts. If the system used arm assemblies, you need to swap out the regular arm assembly for the SERVO-DRIVE version. ..... continue reading

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New Manufacturer! Acorn Manufacturing

New Manufacturer! Please welcome Acorn Manufacturing. They are a family owned company located in MA, and produce forged iron hinges, knobs and pulls, hooks etc.... We have added them in several categories. Please see links below. Knobs & Pulls by Acorn Manufacturing. Cabinet Hinges by Acorn Manufa..... continue reading

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LED: A Win-Win for Consumers and Commercial Users AlikeLED Lighting Systems are new tools that can help commercial users and consumers improve their newest projects. Consumers prefer LED because they are more visually appealing than fluorescent and incandescent alternatives and offer significant energy savings. Builders and designers love the compact and diverse designs of the new LE..... continue reading

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CabinetParts Chronicles June 2013

Universal Soft-Close Technology for Just About Any Application!Soft-Close technology is everywhere these days, from our cabinet doors and drawers to the trash can pull-out. But how can you get this technology for your kitchen without replacing all your hinges? Answer: The Grass Unisoft Universal Adapter. This small device installs in the corner of your cabinet, and instantly you have..... continue reading

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Contemporary to the Max- New R. Christensen Hardware Collections Added is amping up comtemporary style with the new collection from R. Christensen hardware. Art Tech and Spectrum both include pieces of decorative hardware at the cutting edge of design. Pieces include materials such as colored glass, acrylic, epoxy and more.These collections are inspired by the best European hardware and combine form and function into beautiful accents for you..... continue reading

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Tape Lighting - The Latest in Flexible LED TechnologyLED tape lighting is a great way to highlight locations where you may not have been able to traditionally light before. It’s flexibility and low profile make it perfect for use in many discreet indoor locations such as cove, kitchen cabinets, exhibits and more. Add long bulb life, low energy consumption and no heat emission, and ..... continue reading

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Ideas In Motion - Fulterer FR 5000 Family of Drawer SlidesFor a precision medium or heavy-duty ball bearing drawer slide, look no further than the Fulterer FR 5000 family of drawer slides. These high-quality drawer slides are produced by a company that knows and specializes in drawer slides, so you know you are getting the best! Features such as integrated easy close, lever disconnec..... continue reading

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Not just an add on, the soft-close feature is now integrated into many different aspects of cabinet hardware. is committed to educating customers and providing them with the fullest array of the soft-close products available in the market today.Read Article: continue reading

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TANDEM plus BLUMOTION - The Next GenerationTANDEM plus BLUMOTION runners are the latest advancement in concealed runner technology. They offer 4 dimensional adjustment, excellent stability and minimal sag; all while maintaining smooth running actionand unmatched soft-close.For a limited time when you make TANDEM 563 & 569 series slides your choice, will give yo..... continue reading

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New "Necessories" For Your Home!

When options just make sense, they move from being luxuries for the few, to becoming common place for all. That is how kitchen, bath & closet organization is evolving.We are bringing “necessories” (needed accessories!) to you that not only make your life easier, but also increase the value of your home. Once installed you’ll wonder how you lived without them!Here are a few new organi..... continue reading

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