Grass 1006/1006-30 On Hinge Replacement

The 1006/1006-30 slide on hinge has been replaced with the clip version hinge.
Here are our recommendations...

GHA3803M for the 120* opening hinge for the 1006-30 or the GHA3703M for the 110* opening hinge for the 1006.

Base plate will be the GHA10760 (Wood Screw) or GHA06665 (Euro Screw) for frameless applications. OR GHA13158 or GHA13159 for face frame applications.

Click Here to view all Grass Base Plate Options

Scroll to the install tool section for screws, jigs and other accessories.

It is recommended that you replace both hinges and
plates on this door to ensure compatibility.

***These items are replacements for the most popular application, Full Overlay.
This means the door will overlap the cabinet by approximately 11/16” on the hinge side when the door is closed.
If you have a different overlay, you may need different items.
Please click to our Matching Service to send us the parts for identification.***

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