Grass 1200/1203 Replacement

The 1200 and 1203 slide on cabinet hinges by Grass has been updated with a clip version hinge. To view the newer hinge, just click on the item numbers to view these hinges.

GHA3903M hinge is a European style hinge accommodates overlays of up to 25mm. Features include all metal construction with polished nickel finish, 3 dimensional adjustment in hinge arm and a 165° opening angle.

The base plate options for frameless hinge applications will be the GHA10760 or GHA06665 and for face frame applications it will be GHA13158 or GHA13159.

There are many types of base plates by Grass to choose from. Just follow the link and you will be able to see more options.

For frameless application with the 1200 hinge your existing base plate may have screw holes centered at 32MM from the front edge of the cabinet. The new base plates will have screw holes centered at 37mm from the front edge of the cabinet.

You MUST set your base plate back 5mm from the current position. Be sure to check the "Installation Hardware" link on the product page for screws, jigs and other accessories to go with your hinges.

These items are replacements for the most popular application, Full Overlay. This means the door will overlap the hinge side of the cabinet by approximately 11/16"when the door is closed. If you have a different overlay, you may need different items.

At we have an awesome Hinge Matching Service that will guide you to the correct hinge application for your Cabinet door. Just follow the link to see our service and more of our Cabinet Hardware inventory!

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