Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is both energy-efficient and a great source of light.

Fluorescent lighting offers:

  • Economical price
  • Variety of finishes and materials
  • Easy installation
  • Low heat index
  • High light output

What you will need:

  • Light fixture
  • Power cord/hardwire box

Installation Instructions:

Provided on CabinetParts.com in many cases or at manufacturer website.

  • Fixtures are plug-and-play and are fairly easy to install. If you have issues with installation, it is recommended that you contact a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Most fluorescent lights have power cords, either pre-attached or available.
  • Many can be attached end-to-end or together with connecting cables. (Be aware that there are limitations to this; check the spec sheets for how many can be linked together.)
  • There are many accessories available, from cables to switches. Be sure to check the options offered on the left side of the category page.

Installation Tools You May Need:

Tape measure, battery-operated or electric screw gun, hole saw, #1 and #2 Phillips head screwdriver, Allen wrench set.

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