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Lighting for Cabinets and Furniture

Once overlooked in kitchens, under cabinet lighting has gone from an option to a necessity. Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood and provides necessary task lighting for your daily work. With a properly lit kitchen countertop, you can distinguish sugar from salt with ease. Under cabinet lighting makes your cabinetry the focal point in your kitchen. Lighting makes a dramatic difference in any room that is is installed in. What kind of lighting and how you use it are

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ELITE-LED Strip Light 56-5/8" Long Cool White
From $98.11 - $83.02 $179.85

Loox 12V LED Driver 0-60 Watts Black
From $57.86 (2+ discount at cart) $72.00

SlimLite XL LED Cool White 12"
From $91.29 - $77.25 $120.75

Tresco 120V Pockit Mini Linkable LED 3000K Nickel
From $48.22 - $40.80 $70.90

Slimlite Cool White 13"
Slimlite Cool White 13" by Hera Lighting
From $53.98 - $45.68 $77.00

Slimlite Cool White 20"
Slimlite Cool White 20" by Hera Lighting
From $54.67 - $46.26 $78.00

Slimlite XLCool White 46"
Slimlite XLCool White 46" by Hera Lighting
From $99.71 - $84.37 $141.38

Slimlite Cool White 10"
Slimlite Cool White 10" by Hera Lighting
From $53.64 - $45.38 $76.50