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Kessebohmer Products

Kessebohmer Products

Whether you're looking for the latest styles in cabinet knobs or pulls, new hinges for cabinet doors, creating a whole new kitchen, or simply upgrading your family room cabinets with the newest in soft close drawer slides, our knowledgeable staff has collected the hardware and accessories you need.

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Kitchen Lazy Susans
Our selection of cabinet lazy susans features a variety of materials, finishes, shapes and sizes to accommodate jus...
Kitchen Under-Sink Organizers
Tip out trays are a must-have for every kitchen and bathroom...
Kitchen Pantry Organizers
Organizing your pantry is easier than ever with our innovative line of accessories...
Kitchen Blind Corner Organizers
End your blind corner dilemma with our innovative selection of organizational accessories...

About this Manufacturer

Clever Storage Sometimes the simplest things are the most extraordinary. Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after 50 years, you can rest assured, they’ve figured it out. With clever storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens as much as it considers capacity.
From the elegance and functionality of LeMans to the space-saving style of Tandem, Kesseböhmer turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. Truly innovative designs with non-slip surfaces, transparent storage and smooth handling that deliver a level of simplicity that is naturally easy to use and enjoy. Everything in its perfect place. Everything within reach.