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Aventos HL is Blum's new lift up door solution. With Aventos HL, the door lifts up parallel to the cabinet. When closing, it glides silently & effortlessly back into place.

Product Info
  • Sold: Set includes:, 2 Lift Mechanisms, 2 Stabilizer Rod Adapters, 18 x #7x35mm Wood Screws
  • Notes: Warning: Coverplates are not included. Please see item BA20L8000.N1
  • Product Type: HL Lift Mechanism Set
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  • Size Info

  • Sold : Set includes:
    2 Lift Mechanisms
    2 Stabilizer Rod Adapters
    18 x #7x35mm Wood Screws
  • Manufacturer Info

  • Manufacturer : Blum
  • Manufacturer Part # : 20L2500.NA
  • Other Important Info

  • Notes : Warning: Coverplates are not included. Please see item BA20L8000.N1
  • Product Type : HL Lift Mechanism Set

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  • 4 of 5 Well engineered product that works perfectly October 1st, 2015
    by from South Glastonbury, CT

    I added a servo drive to my aventos vertical lift cabinet due to its specific location in my design. In my application I have a single 36 wide by 18 high cabinet resting at the end of our "coffee bar" countertop. It's houses our coffee machine and a host of supplies one only needs to see when actually making coffe, and because of the length of span we chose to use an avengos vertical lift mech which worked out perfectly. Our modern contemporary design also informed the choice to go without a handle on this cabinet, instead choosing the servo drive. It was a great choice.If you aren't aware you should know that if you decide to go servo based (ergo automatic), the lift arms and hinge covers change to different models.The install was super smoothe. These engineers that came up with this stuff have really thought of everything!! The components are beautiful, and the servo wiring, etc are all really easy to do. If I have one thing keeping me from making this 5 stars it's simply the directions. They are very well illustrated so be certain you read, absorb and understand them before touching materials and you will be ok. I simply wish there was more guided English narrative to ensure I was doing the layout right. Make sure you have a metric ruler/tape Bc all dimensions are mm, no issue there, just an FYI. Because the directions are not issued primarily in English, many of the dimension symbols need to be looked up in the easy to reference table provided..and if you are using Servo drive, the servo drive manual wants you to reference the hinge manual (as if you didn't have servos)...BUT...make sure in that specific hinge manual you follow the measurements for Servo drive...which were printed in orange beneath the non-servo measurements in cases where this applies.A few of the diagrams (specifically locating the vertical centers of the hinge brackets that get mounted to the door) took us a few head scratching minutes to understand (a 3D render here would have helped), but overall we measured twice, read everything 3x and came out highly successful.The servo programming and setup were super easy, just as outlined, and we love how it functions in our space. If you are a cabinet maker you'll understand this rather instantly I'd say, and a homeowner that's handy and takes their time marking and laying everything out will do well also.Though I didn't find one, a step by step video outlining the installation of the hinges and servo drive would speed the interpretation of the install for any pro or do-it yourselfer alike. (Cabinet parts...contact me if I can make one for you ;) )Top quality product...very nicely made. For the automatic version, some sticker shock may apply...so consider where and why you'll use that feature.- M

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  • 5 of 5 | October 19th, 2016

    Easy to do business with!

  • 5 of 5 | October 19th, 2016

    Ordered. Hurricane Matthew arrived shortly after the order. Did not know how it would impact the order. Parts arrived while I was still wondering. Well Done!

  • 5 of 5 | October 19th, 2016

    It took longer than usual for my order to come. When I checked the tracking site I saw that its was in route and should have been dilivered. I drop a note to CABINET Parts and asked if it got lost. They replied back immediately that it should be delivered

  • 5 of 5 | October 18th, 2016

    Great source for hard to find hinges.

  • 5 of 5 | October 17th, 2016

    Ordered the complete replacement hinges(2) they recommended because the original hinge was no longer made. I found that I needed only the one mount that I had specified originally and they said was no longer made but they supplied with both assemblies.

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HL Aventos Lift Mechanism (#20L2500.NA)

HL Aventos Lift Mechanism <small>(#20L2500.NA)</small>

Aventos HL is Blum's new lift up door solution. With Aventos HL, the door lifts up parallel to the cabinet. When closing, it glides silently & effortlessly back into place.

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