An innovative tool that can be used as a cabinet jack, spreader or heavy duty clamp. The Jack is a time saver and a must for the professional woodworker's tool box.

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Product Info
  • Sold: Each
  • Product Type: Cabinet Jack
  • Notes: 23" Max Spread, 15.25" Max Lift
  • Key Features: Easily Lift Base Cabinets, Use To Install Heavy Doors, Pull Together Flooring, Also Works As A Spreader & Heavy Duty Clamp
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  • Manufacturer Info

  • Manufacturer Part # : THE JACK
  • Manufacturer : Fastcap
  • Other Important Info

  • Sold : Each
  • Product Type : Cabinet Jack
  • Notes : 23" Max Spread
    15.25" Max Lift
  • Key Features : Easily Lift Base Cabinets
    Use To Install Heavy Doors
    Pull Together Flooring
    Also Works As A Spreader & Heavy Duty Clamp

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