Product Info
  • Product Type: Paper Organizer
  • Product Finish: Matte Aluminum
  • Notes: Cover Cap sold separately
  • Material: Steel
  • Length: 6-1/4" (per side)
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  • Manufacturer Info

  • Manufacturer : Hafele
  • Manufacturer Part # : 792.02.254
  • Other Important Info

  • Product Type : Paper Organizer
  • Product Finish : Matte Aluminum
  • Notes : Cover Cap sold separately
  • Material : Steel
  • Length : 6-1/4" (per side)
  • Height : 5-5/8" (per side)
  • Width : 4/11/16" (per side)
  • Sold : Per Pair (left & right)
  • About this item

  • Perfect for the garage or craft room, this set of two hooks easily organizes rolls of paper towels, craft paper or holiday wrapping paper.

Reviews about our customers experience

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  • 5 of 5 | January 21st, 2017

    These folks guided me to a out date part with a direct replacement part. Thanks again!

  • 4 of 5 | January 21st, 2017

    Web site said quick quotes. It took three or four days to get a quote back. Service was fine otherwise.

  • 5 of 5 | January 21st, 2017

    Very pleasant. I have used them several times and always have a pleasant purchase experience. They have a huge inventory and always carry what I need.

  • 5 of 5 | January 18th, 2017

    Relayed my parts numbers to the rep for confirmation of correct parts and was advised accurately as to what to order. Smooth transaction and parts work great.

  • 5 of 5 | January 18th, 2017

    I placed my order just before the big winter storm. I received the emailed order confirmation but did not receive a "shipped" email. I contacted customer service via email and the next day received a response that my order was shipped but UPS was delayed

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Omni Track Paper Organizer Set Matte Aluminum & Black (#792.02.254)

Omni Track Paper Organizer Set Matte Aluminum & Black <small>(#792.02.254)</small>

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