AVENTOS HL Lift Up System & SERVO-DRIVE by Blum

With Aventos HL, the door front lifts up vertically & provides complete access to the interior. Applications include appliance garages or wall cabinets. The door is easy to open & can be stopped in any position. Closing is slient & effortless.

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HL Oval Stabilizer Rod
Aventos HL is Blum's new lift up door solution. With Aventos HL, the door lifts up parallel to the cabinet. When closing, it glides silently & effortlessly back into place.
Face Frame Mounting Bracket Set
Aventos Face Frame Brackets provide a fast & easy way to install Aventos in frame cabinets
HL Assembly Aids & Accessories
This universal template makes pre-drilling Aventos system locating pins quick and easy. Features include a calibrated scale for accurate setting.