Fluorescent Lighting FAQ

Fluorescent lighting has been around for many years, but has dramatically changed from that overhead buzzing, flickering light that we all think of from our office. The new generation of slim T4 and T5 lights offer more design choices as well as flexibility in installation because of the reduced size.

What are some of the benefits of fluorescent? The fixtures we carry offer:

  • Low Profile - With a width of under an inch, the slim fluorescent fixtures are so compact that they fit even the most hard to light areas in cabinets, furniture and displays.
  • Long Bulb Life - The fluorescent fixtures that we carry offer a bulb life of 8000-10,000 hours. Less bulb changes mean more money in your pocket
  • Energy Efficient - These fixtures produce a high light output while only using anywhere from 7 to 35 watts. This means a lower power bill as an end result.

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