Halogen Lighting

Halogen lights are perfect accents for under counter lighting, display cases and other applications.

Halogen lighting offers:

  • Economical price
  • Variety of finishes and materials
  • Easy installation
  • Surface or recess installations available
  • Switching and dimming options



What you will need:

  • Light fixture
  • *Driver/transformer
  • Additional dimming/switching accessories as desired


*NOTE: Multiply the wattage of the light chosen by the number of lights purchased. Check that against the wattage of the driver and the number of light ports available on that driver.


Installation Instructions:

Provided on CabinetParts.com in many cases or at manufacturer website.

  • Fixtures are plug-and-play and are fairly easy to install. If you have issues with installation, it is recommended that you contact a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Most halogen fixtures come with a connected cord for installation. Be sure to check the tech information.
  • There are many accessories available, from decorative rings to switches and dimmers. Be sure to check the options offered on the left side of the category page.



Installation Tools You May Need:

Tape measure, battery-operated or electric screw gun, hole saw, #1 and #2 Phillips head screwdriver, Allen wrench set.


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