3M Respirator Pre-Filter-10/Box

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Product Info Product Type: Respirator Filter, Product Finish: White, Includes: Box of 10 Filter Catridges, See more product details
Our Item Number 3M-5N11
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  • Manufacturer Info

  • Manufacturer : 3M
  • Manufacturer Part # : 5N11
  • Other Important Info

  • Product Type : Respirator Filter
  • Product Finish : White
  • Includes : Box of 10 Filter Catridges
  • Shipping & Return Info

  • Shipping & Return Info : Ships within 24-48 hours
    Prior Authorization required for return

Reviews about our customers experience

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  • 5 of 5 | October 21st, 2018

    Fast delivery too

  • 5 of 5 | October 21st, 2018

    on time

  • 4 of 5 | October 21st, 2018

    Order to ship time a little lengthy. Took several attempts to rectify an issue with the order but was resolved to my satisfaction.

  • 5 of 5 | October 21st, 2018

    Easy and fast simple parts matching

  • 4 of 5 | October 20th, 2018

    Got all materials I ordered, albeit a number of items were apparently back-ordered. Had to call them to understand why my shipment appeared delayed (vs. very quick prior shipments). They explained it all nicely, then had to wait another week to get my mat

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3M Respirator Pre-Filter-10/Box (#5N11)

3M Respirator Pre-Filter-10/Box <small>(#5N11)</small>
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