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European Cabinet Hinges

European cabinet hinges are perfect for achieving a professionally finished cabinet. The cabinet hinge is completely concealed from the outside adding a modern feel to your kitchen. has a wide variety of major manufacturers to choose from ensuring that you will find the perfect cabinet hinge for your application

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Nexis Screw On 110° Pie Cut Corner Hinge - Self Close20% OFF
Mepla CS PCC Pie Cut Corner23% OFF
$11.57  $8.94
CLIP top BLUMOTION 110 Degree Hinge Overlay/Self Closing26% OFF
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$7.80  $5.78
Tec Soft-Close 863 Face Mount Variable Overlay with Dowel20% OFF
Tec Soft-Close 5/8 inch Side Mount 45MM Dowel Hinge58% OFF
$9.36  $3.92
Nexis Face Frame Cam Screw On Mounting Plate 2MM Height20% OFF
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$1.86  $1.48
Nexis 2 Piece Screw On Mounting Plate 0MM Height16% OFF
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$1.16  $0.97
Nexis 2 Point Fixing Cam Mounting Plate 0MM Height20% OFF
$1.49  $1.19
Compact 33 Face Frame Hinge 110 Degree33% OFF
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$3.58  $2.39
Tec 863 Face Mount 1-7/16 inch Overlay Screw On Hinge20% OFF
Blumotion 971A For Compact Hinges28% OFF
$8.51  $6.10
Blumotion For Full Overlay Hinge43% OFF
$6.25  $3.58
Unisoft Soft Close System For Cabinet Doors20% OFF
$5.95  $4.76