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Lighting for Cabinets and Furniture

Once overlooked in kitchens, under cabinet lighting has gone from an option to a necessity. Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood and provides necessary task lighting for your daily work. With a properly lit kitchen countertop, you can distinguish sugar from salt with ease. Under cabinet lighting makes your cabinetry the focal point in your kitchen. Lighting makes a dramatic difference in any room that is is installed in. What kind of lighting and how you use it are

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Loox 24V LED Flexible Strip Light Cool White20% OFF
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$250.00  $200.00
Stick2-LED 8 inch Light Fixture 1.6 Watt-Cool White41% OFF
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$80.43  $47.30
Tresco 72 inch Square Extrusion Satin Nickel54% OFF
$41.30  $19.09
Big6/2-LED Stainless Swivel Spotlight - Cool White50% OFF
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$225.03  $113.31
Loox 2020 12V LED Matte Nickel Spotlight Warm White20% OFF
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$33.00  $26.40
Loox 24V Recess Mount LED Warm White Silver Finish20% OFF
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$34.00  $27.20
Slimlite Cool White 10"35% OFF
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Slimlite Cool White 10" by Hera Lighting
$76.50  $49.50
Slimlite Connecting Cable 12"35% OFF
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$6.75  $4.39
Slimlite Direct Connector35% OFF
Slimlite Direct Connector by Hera Lighting
$2.50  $1.62
Slimlite Power Cord 6 feet with Switch45% OFF
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$11.00  $6.09
Slimlite On/Off Rocker Switch35% OFF
$14.13  $9.15
Slimlite Hardwire Box with Switch35% OFF
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$24.38  $15.78