Pilasters and Clips

If you are in need of an adjustable shelving system that can be mounted to the face or mortised in a wood cabinet/bookcase, the full line of Knape & Vogt Pilasters are for you.<br> Whether you need a steel or aluminum system per your project requirements, Knape & Vogt has the highest quality pilaster systems. <br>Pilasters are easy to install and also include holes for quick installations using either nails, screws or staples. These systems allow for a half inch vertical adjustments of shelves and are made in the U.S.A.

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#256 Shelf Support - Zinc Per Hundred47% OFF
$28.57  $15.05
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip-Zinc 72&quot;
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip-Zinc 24&quot;1% OFF
$1.57  $1.55
KV #255 Aluminum Pilaster Strip 72&quot;
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip-Brass 72&quot;
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip- White 72&quot;
1/4&quot; Shelf Clip Bright Chrome19% OFF
$21.30  $17.18
KV #255 Aluminum Pilaster Strip-12&quot;
KV #255 Aluminum Pilaster Strip Walnut 72&quot;26% OFF
$11.64  $8.64
#256 Shelf Support - Zinc W Cushion Per Hundred26% OFF
$70.18  $52.07
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip-Zinc 36&quot;
KV #255 Aluminum Pilaster Strip 60&quot;
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip- White 60&quot;
KV #255 Aluminum Pilaster Strip-18&quot;
KV #255 Steel Pilaster Strip- White 18&quot;26% OFF
$3.41  $2.53