Center Mount Drawer Slides

Material Choices: Steel with clear zinc finish
Weight Capacity: 35 lb to 50 lb (Depending on manufacturer)
Extension: Partial extension only
Partial Extension (3/4): Drawer box will have approximately ¼ of the drawer length still in the cabinet at farthest extended point.
Drawer Slide Length: 13” to 23” (depending on manufacturer).
Drawer Width: Interior cabinet width minus 11 mm (7/16”)

Rear brackets for face frame installation are provided.

Be sure to check the technical specification PDF sheets for allowances and other requirements. associates are available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at 800-857-8721, or by Skype or LiveChat.


Instructions are provided or can be found on each product’s details page.

What you need:

Tape measure, screwdriver, battery-powered or electric screw gun, carpenter's square.

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