Omni Track Installation: 4 Easy Steps to Install

 Wall mounted storage panels could be a great addition to your home.  They are easy to install and could be placed on any wall you feel is best fit. Take a look at these 4 easy steps to install your Omni Track Wall Track.Step 1: Order Tracks Determine the desired location of the Omni Track Wall Track and temporarily position on..... continue reading

Mepla ACC 140 - 130 Degree Face Frame Hinge Replacement

Replacing the Mepla ACC 140 130 Degree Face Frame HingeAre you trying to find a replacement for your Mepla ACC 140 - 130 Degree Face Frame Hinge? We have put together this guide to make it easy for you. Grass discontinued this hinge which is also known as the MH11-186. Although there is no direct replacement, we have your solution. Step One: You must determine the ..... continue reading

How To Choose The Right Hinges for Your Overlay

Guide Guarantee or Your Money Back!If you purchase a hinge + mounting plate from this guide and it doesn't work as we described, we will give your money back, guaranteed.Hinge + Mounting Plate = Overlay Our interactive hinge overlay guide will make it easy for you to find the hinge plus the mounting plate you need for your application.To begin with, let's make sure we know ..... continue reading

Why Legrabox? Blum's Newest Upgrade to Tandembox

If you are looking for a premium metal drawer system, look no further than the innovative new LegraBox system by Blum. This system features 2 luxurious finishes that complement a wide variety of styles and colors and 3 drawer side heights that cover a wide variety of design options in kitchen, bath and furniture applications.The Legrabox system features many improvements over the c..... continue reading

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Volume Pricing Discounts

Need additional savings for a BIG project?No Problem! will gladly provide a quote for additional price discounts on Large Volume Orders. ($2500 order minimum)Get Started Now! Step 1: Build your item list for us to review:Option 1: If you are an "IN THE BIZ" member, you can build a Project List. Once your list is complete, save it..... continue reading

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Cold for a Cause….

Every day, an average of 15 people are newly diagnosed with ALS — more than 5,600 people per year. What can YOU do to help raise awareness?Pompano Beach, FL August 2014     ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disease that attacks nerve cells and pathways in the brain and spinal cord and in later stages leads to total paralysis...... continue reading

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Re-Cover & Re-Discover The Beauty of Your Countertop

Looking for an easy and economical way to resurface an existing cabinet or countertop? RE-COVER laminate by Wilsonart may be just what you’re looking for….Pompano Beach, FL, August 2014We all have them lurking in our home or business: the bad color or pattern design decisions that we have to live with every day because we don’t have the tools, knowledge or ski..... continue reading

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Efficiency, Style and Savings - In One Small Package

The future of lighting is here… LED technology combines state-of-the-art design with maximum energy efficiency to create the best thing to happen to the light bulb in years...Pompano Beach, FL, July 2014Good lighting is essential for any home or retail environment. And when you think that your lights could be on 24 hours a day, the cost of operating traditional incandescent ligh..... continue reading

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Pantry Organizers - A Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

Whether chrome, wood or polymer, you are sure to find the perfect answer to your walk-in or in-cabinet pantry needs with Rev-a-Shelf’s innovation storage accessories.Pompano Beach, FL, June 2014Today’s busy lifestyles demand that we pay more attention to how and where we store food and other staples in our kitchens. If you have half an hour to get dinner before the kids&rsq..... continue reading

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Tresco 20 WATT Halogen Chrome Lights FLASH SALE!

For the next 7 days, purchase Tresco 20 WATTHalogen Chrome Lights at a amazing discount.  Limited Inventory.  Shop Now  (supplies are limited)Make sure to join our facebook, or twitter page to be notified of future FLASH SALES...... continue reading

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Tips When Choosing a Pantry Pullout

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind when choosing a pantry pullout.The most important thing(s) to keep in mind are the height, width, and depth of the cabinet opening the pullout will be going into. You must have the minimum allowable sizes for the unit chosen.Once the measurements are in hand, a unit can be chosen and the number of shelves or baskets can be determined. So..... continue reading

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Atlas Homewares - A Design for Everyone...

From funky to traditional, The Atlas Homewares product line offers whole-home coordination with a design aesthetic to cater to every style.Pompano Beach, FL, May 2014In a sea of birdcage knobs and stainless T-Bar pulls, comes a shining star in the decorative hardware and home accessories genre.Atlas Homewares is a whole-home collection of knobs, pulls, bath hardware, switch plates ..... continue reading

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Love your Countertops... For Less

Today’s kitchen countertop trends are still all about the beauty of natural stone such as granite, quartz or marble. But if the budget will not stretch that far, consider a great alternative.Pompano Beach, FL, May 2014For many years now, a granite countertop in your kitchen has been the ultimate choice when remodeling or buying new. But not everyone’s budget can accommodate..... continue reading

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Around the House... Home Accents

Home Improvement IdeaAround the House... Home accentsYou have done the rest of the house. You have the new hinges and slides and decorative hardware in the kitchen. You’ve added pullout hampers and tie racks in the closets. Now it’s time to add some quick finishing touches to bring the entire project together.Hard to Install? Many of our ideas are easily installed ..... continue reading

Get Inspired... Kitchen Upgrade Ideas

Home Improvement IdeaOur Staff Picks for Kitchen Improvement IdeasWhy?  Could be resale value. Could be you’re tired of the same old, same old. From recovering that tired-looking laminate countertop to adding LED lighting or pull-out storage, and our many partners have many ways to help along the way.Hard to Install? Many of our project ideas can be..... continue reading

Accuride 9301 HD Slide FLASH SALE!

For the next 7 days, purchase any 18", 28", or 30" Heavy Duty 9301 Accuride Drawer Slides at a amazing discount.  Limited Inventory.  Shop NowAccuride 18" 9301 HD Slide (promotional items sold out)Accuride 28" 9301 HD Slide (promotional items sold out)Accuride 30" 9301 HD Slide (promotional items sold out)Make sure to j..... continue reading

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You spend a lot of time in the Bathroom. Show it love.

Home Improvement IdeaBath Hardware Why?  Designing the dream bathroom is as much about the accessories as it is about the necessities. The little things are important and can mean the difference between plain and glamorous. From contemporary to traditional, has all you’ll need to make the boldest of statements.Hard to Install? Installation of t..... continue reading

Your CEO isn't the only one that can have an AWESOME Closet.

Home Improvement IdeaCloset Organization Accessories Co-Worker Style under $200 - CEO Style under $1,100Why?  We all have Closet clutter. What better way to banish it by adding some closet accessories to give you more storage space? No matter your budget, you can create the closet of your dreams. has all the pieces to organize and manage the clutter.Har..... continue reading

Kitchen Trash Pull-Out System under $250

Home Improvement IdeaKitchen Trash Pull-Out System As Low as $200 + Free Shipping! (limited time)Why?  The addition of a Cascade Series trash pullout will enhance the beauty and workability of your kitchen, making you the envy of the neighborhood.Hard to Install? Installation is easy with a battery-operated screw gun, tape measure and double-stick tape.  These pullouts sc..... continue reading

Glideware - Exactly What You Need, at Your Fingertips

Looking for a new direction in kitchen organization? Glideware may be the answer to what you are searching for….Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014 The way we organize and store things in our kitchens has changed drastically from the days of stacking pots and pans in cabinets or reaching to the back of a lazy Susan to get what we need. Modern kitchens look for ways to ma..... continue reading

Omni Track - Universal Design for any Room in Your Home

Universally designed products are made to be aesthetically pleasing and usable to anyone regardless of age, ability or status in life. Omni Track provides this concept in an easy-to-use system of organizers.Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014Storage needs can vary greatly from home to home depending on how many people live in the home, how much square footage you have and how that square foo..... continue reading

R. Christensen

R.Christensen has been manufacturing bath & decorative hardware of uncompromising quality since 1879. Their bath hardware collections feature timeless styling in forged brass that have a universal appeal for both resisential & commercial applications. The decorative hardware collections are contemporary and unique European made designs with features and details that make them both stylish and ergo..... continue reading

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Cabinet Lighting for Under $250

Good lighting is an essential part of any kitchen. The right lighting can take your kitchen from cold and sterile to warm and inviting in very little time. It can highlight beautiful countertops and provide proper illumination to complete any task. And with LED technology, you get super energy-efficient lighting with virtually no heat and Tresco Lighting can mak..... continue reading

New! Bath Hardware — Small Change, BIG IMPACT!

Changing the look of your bath or powder room can be as easy as changing out your hardware. For a small investment, your room can go from outdated to updated in minutes!Pompano Beach, FL, March 2014 In this tough economy, it is often hard to decide where best to invest your hard-earned dollars, but if you are a homeowner, your best asset is the roof over your head. Investin..... continue reading

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Clever Storage Sometimes the simplest things are the most extraordinary. Just as nature exhibits amazing efficiency among its elements, Kesseböhmer strives to achieve the perfect balance between form and function. And after 50 years, you can rest assured, they’ve figured it out. With clever storage that considers convenience for today’s multi-use kitchens as much as it considers capacity.From..... continue reading

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New! Century Components - Kitchen Organizers

Today’s world is one of mass production and using technology to create what was once done by craftsmen. But one company in Ohio is reversing that trend.Pompano Beach, FL, February 2014What does the term “hand-crafted in the U.S.A.” really mean? For Century Components in Sugarcreek, Ohio, they mean what they say!Located in the heart of the world’s largest Amish community, Ce..... continue reading

Innovative New Wine Storage Garners Industry Accolade

Today’s smaller spaces may not have room for the wine connoisseur’s expanding collection to be stored properly. But small dwelling spaces don’t mean you have to run to the store each time you want a bottle to drink. Wine Logic storage racks offer the perfect solution.Pompano Beach, FL, January 2014We all would love to live in a chateau where storage for your wine collection would..... continue reading

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Schaub and Company

Started in 1998, the goal of Schaub and Company was to bring a different kind of cabinet hardware company to the market. They saw a need for a company based on service, availability, quality and unique designs.The Drive to design and create beautiful hardware has led to designs using bold lines, intricate details and precious inlays. And each product is the highest of quality in design and manufac..... continue reading

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Notting Hill

Since 1996, Notting Hill Decorative Hardware has been crafting distinct high-end designs for cabinetry and furniture.Great pride is taken to provide detail and depth on each piece of hand cast hardware made in the USA. Most Notting Hill designs are the result of manufacture by methods no longer typical of production hardware, like spin casting and hand finishing. Touches like 24-karat gold, semi-p..... continue reading

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Pull Out Trash Cans - Which Type Is Best for your Kitchen?

Pull Out Trash CansPull Out Trash Cans are ideal when it comes to saving space in your kitchen. They are also a good way to keep trash out of sight. When deciding to add a Pull Out Trash Can to your kitchen there are several options to choose from, this guide will help you figure out which is best for you. We offer an extensive selection of waste containers from the premier manufactur..... continue reading

New Manufacturer! Acorn Manufacturing

New Manufacturer! Please welcome Acorn Manufacturing. They are a family owned company located in MA, and produce forged iron hinges, knobs and pulls, hooks etc.... We have added them in several categories. Please see links below. Knobs & Pulls by Acorn Manufacturing. Cabinet Hinges by Acorn Manufa..... continue reading

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Tips When Choosing a Compact Series Hinge

COMPACT Series Hinges from BlumThe ideal solution for face frame cabinet construction. The Compact series hinge is specifically designed to offer cabinetmakers and end users of face frame cabinetry the advantage of concealed hinges for both small and large overlays. The series features fast assembly and adjustment with a self-closing mechanism. This series also includes hinges with the Integ..... continue reading

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How to Laminate your Countertops

We have put together some helpful information and step by step instructions on how to laminate your countertops. Video Guide (How To Laminate your Countertop PT. 1): Video Guide (How To Laminate your Countertop PT. 2): Step by Step:Step 1: Laminating the EdgesUsing a 1" disposable paintbrush, apply adhesive to the backside of the laminate..... continue reading

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Contemporary to the Max- New R. Christensen Hardware Collections Added is amping up comtemporary style with the new collection from R. Christensen hardware. Art Tech and Spectrum both include pieces of decorative hardware at the cutting edge of design. Pieces include materials such as colored glass, acrylic, epoxy and more.These collections are inspired by the best European hardware and combine form and function into beautiful accents for you..... continue reading

Category: New Products | Promoting Latest Advancements In Soft-Close Technology.

Not just an add on, the soft-close feature is now integrated into many different aspects of cabinet hardware. is committed to educating customers and providing them with the fullest array of the soft-close products available in the market today.Read Article: continue reading

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Tips When Choosing Lighting

Once overlooked in kitchens, under-cabinet lighting has gone from an option to a necessity. Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood and provides necessary task lighting for your daily work.With a properly lit kitchen countertop, you can distinguish sugar from salt with ease. Under cabinet lighting makes your cabinetry the focal point of your kitchen. Lighting ma..... continue reading

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How To Install LED Puck Lighting

Ready to install your new LED Puck Lighting?This video will show you how. Installing LED Puck Lighting: (Starts at 1:40) Tools You Will Need:Tape measurebattery-operated or electric screw gunhole saw#1 and #2 Phillips head screwdriverallen wrench set..... continue reading

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New "Necessories" For Your Home!

When options just make sense, they move from being luxuries for the few, to becoming common place for all. That is how kitchen, bath & closet organization is evolving.We are bringing “necessories” (needed accessories!) to you that not only make your life easier, but also increase the value of your home. Once installed you’ll wonder how you lived without them!Here are a few new organi..... continue reading

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Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a great way to light up your home and there are many benefits that could make it the right option for you. In addition to the economic pricing, easy installaion, and wide variety of looks and styles, here are some of the key benefits of using flourescent lighting in your home: Energy Efficient: Fluorescent lighting uses 25%-35% of the energy used by incandes..... continue reading

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Jeffrey Alexander Has Arrived! is excited to announce the addition of Jeffrey Alexander Decorative Hardware to its already extensive line of Knobs & Pulls. This company features a beautiful selection of patented designs meaning that you won’t find these styles on every corner. With over 40 collections and 19 finishes, you are sure to find the perfect hardware for any room in your home or office...... continue reading

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Veneer Samples Now Available.

We understand the difficulties of ordering veneer online after looking at a picture. Unless you have seen the veneer in person, it may be hard for you to decide which wood species & cut is the perfect one for you. Why not order a sample? This will give you a better idea of the color and grain pattern of the wood species you are considering. Please remember though, this is a natural REAL wood..... continue reading

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Tips When Choosing Drawer Slides

Choosing the right drawer slides can seem like a difficult task due to the fact that there are many different styles, weight capacities, and uses but we make choosing the right drawer slides easy by only offering the best quality slides at the best sells only the top manufacturers of drawer slides, such as Blum, Grass, Accuride, Knape and Vogt, and Fulterer. While there..... continue reading

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Center Mount Drawer Slides

Material Choices: Steel with clear zinc finish Weight Capacity: 35 lb to 50 lb (Depending on manufacturer) Extension: Partial extension only Partial Extension (3/4): Drawer box will have approximately ¼ of the drawer length still in the cabinet at farthest extended point. Drawer Slide Length: 13” to 23” (depending on manufacturer). Draw..... continue reading

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Euro Slides (Bottom Mount)

Material Choices: Steel with white epoxy finish Weight Capacity: 75 lb to 100 lb (depending on manufacturer chosen) Extension: Full and Partial (3/4) Full Extension: Drawer box will pull out of the cabinet, and the back of the drawer box will be even with the face of the cabinet. Partial Extension (3/4): Drawer box will have approximately ¼ of the drawer length still ..... continue reading

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Choosing a Metal Drawer System

Are you trying to choose the right metal drawer system? We have the best options from the top manufactures to make sure you find exaclty what you need. In order to make it easier for you to find the right metal drawer system we have put together this guide.If you have additional questions or would like some help from one of our experts, you can contact us anytime. Type..... continue reading

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Choosing The Right Undermount Drawer Slides

Material Choices: SteelWeight Capacity: 75 lb to 155 lbExtension: FullFull Extension: Drawer box will pull out of the cabinet, and the back of the drawer box will be even with the face of the cabinet.Helpful Information:Here is some very handy information if you are looking for undermount drawer slides. Use these tips to find the right drawer slides for your application.***Al..... continue reading

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Blum Cliptop Hinge Conversion Information

Blum has converted some of the 107° and 120° hinge product lines to the new 110° Cliptop hinge. Please see chart below find the correct replacement and if you need additional help you can try our hinge matching service or contact one of our experts here. 107° HingesOldNewBH74T1550BH70T3550BH74T1580BH70T3580..... continue reading

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Choosing The Right Lazy Susan

Choosing the right Lazy Susan TypeFull CircleKidney ShapedHalf MoonPie CutD ShapedImageDetailsMulti-purpose shelf used in many applications. Can be used in cross corner cabinets. This type cabinet is usually in the corner of the kitchen and cuts across the corner on a 45-degree angle. These ca..... continue reading

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D-Shaped Cabinet Lazy Susan

For maximum space utilization in diagonal wall and base cabinets, the D-Shape lazy Susan is the perfect choice. This type of shelf is used in straight pantry applications and in 45-degree cross corner cabinets as shown. Available in a variety of materials, there is a shelf available for just about any look. Measuring: As a general rule, you want to have about 1" - 2" clearance al..... continue reading

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Pie Cut Cabinet Lazy Susan Installation Help

Pie Cut Lazy Susans attach to doors in corner cabinets and spin around into the cabinet with the doors. These are called dependently rotating shelves. Pie cut lazy Susans add a classic look and feel to your kitchen.Measuring:As a general rule, you want to have about 1" - 2" clearance all the way around the shelf. You will want to measure the inside dimension of your cabinet w..... continue reading

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Half Moon Cabinet Lazy Susan

Blind corner cabinets will be up to 42" long in the corner of the kitchen, with only one door all the way to the right or left of the cabinet.Access hard-to-reach items in your blind corner cabinets by installing a new half moon lazy Susan. has a variety of materials and sizes to fit most cabinet styles. These polymer shelf units are available in 31", 33", and 39". The wood ve..... continue reading

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Kidney Shaped Lazy Susan Installation Information

Kidney Shaped Lazy Susans are made for L-shaped (easy-reach) corner cabinets that are in the corner of the kitchen. These cabinets have doors that are attached together in the middle, but are not attached to the shelf itself.These are independently rotating offers several diameters including 18", 24", 28", and 32" (depending on style).Me..... continue reading

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Full Circle Cabinet Lazy Susan

Full Circle Lazy Susan shelves come in several diameters for several different size cabinets. offers several diameters including 16", 18", 20", 24", 28", and 32" (Depending on style)Measuring:As a general rule, you want to have about 1" - 2" clearance all the way around the shelf. You will want to measure the inside dimension of ..... continue reading

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Berenson Hardware for a Cure

Hardware for a Cure - Now at We are proud to partner with Berenson Hardware in bringing 5 beautiful new decorative hardware collections to our web site. These collections are inspired by 5 womens breast cancer survival stories and feature a brand new pink metal finish. Berenson Hardware will donate a minimum of $25,000.00 to The Susan G ..... continue reading

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Free Shipping Info

Free shipping discounts will be avialable for you automatically during the checkout process for qualified purchases. ..... continue reading

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Blum Tandem 563 and 569 series Now in Stock!

The new TANDEM plus BLUMOTION concealed undermount runners have four-dimensional adjustment, adding side-to-side adjustment, and an easy depth adjustment, to their current tilt, and height adjustments, all accomplished tool-free. These runners also offer increased stability and an increased load rating and allow attachment to a fixed shelf or flush bottomed cabi..... continue reading

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Kitchen Faucets & Sinks Now at

Turn on savings and style with our new line of kitchen faucets and sinks! is proud to announce the additon of 4 unique collections of sinks and faucets to our ever growing product line. Whitehaus Whitehaus has been raising the bar in the decorative arena for over 10 years by providing quality high-end plumbing fixtures that range in design..... continue reading

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Now In Stock Kessebohmer Kitchen Storage

It’s whats inside the cabinet that changes ideas into functionality! has brought in a contemporary, stylish yet functional line of kitchen storage products from Kessebohmer that will revolutionize the way you use your kitchen storage space.Feel like a contortionist by trying to reach into the back of your corner cabinets? How about one of these solu..... continue reading

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Tandembox Intivo

Buy Now Set Creator TANDEMBOX Intivo Drawer Slides (Glides) TANDEMBOX Intivo opens a new world of design possibilities by combining superior quality of motion and unsurpassed running action with an exciting new design... The drawer side profile, either with a color coordinated BOXCAP or unique design element, cr..... continue reading

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Unotec Top Hung Barn Door Hardware Set For Wood Doors

Buy Now Learn More For 1 or 2 sliding wood doors Smooth, quiet operation Maintenance free Simple installation Stainless steel components Maximum door weight: 220 lbs Maximum wood thickness: 1-3/4”..... continue reading

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