Choosing The Right Undermount Drawer Slides

Material Choices: Steel
Weight Capacity: 75 lb to 155 lb
Extension: Full
Full Extension: Drawer box will pull out of the cabinet, and the back of the drawer box will be even with the face of the cabinet.

Helpful Information:

Here is some very handy information if you are looking for undermount drawer slides. Use these tips to find the right drawer slides for your application.

***All of the requirements for this type of slide should be considered before the drawer box is purchased or built.***

Undermount slides have very specific allowance requirements.
Make sure to check the spec sheet for the slide chosen.

  • The width of the drawer will depend on slide chosen and the side-to-side clearance needed for that slide. Side-to-side allowances range from 3/8" overall to 1/2" overall, depending on series chosen.
  • Depth of the drawer should match the slide chosen. (I.e., If you choose an 18” drawer slide, the drawer box will have to 18” deep also, and so on.)
  • This type of slide also has specific height allowances.


Note: Blum Tandem drawer slides in this category can be used with the Tip-On touch latch system and the Servo-Drive electronic drawer opening system. Ask an associate for information. associates are always available to answer any questions you might have. Feel free to contact us at 800-857-8721, or by Skype or LiveChat.


Instructions are provided or can be found on each product’s details page.

What you will need:

Tape measure, screwdriver, battery-powered or electric screw gun, and a carpenter's square.

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