Fluorescent Lighting

Fluorescent lighting is a great way to light up your home and there are many benefits that could make it the right option for you. In addition to the economic pricing, easy installaion, and wide variety of looks and styles, here are some of the key benefits of using flourescent lighting in your home: 

  • Energy Efficient: Fluorescent lighting uses 25%-35% of the energy used by incandescent products to provide a similar amount of light.
  • Longer Lasting: Flourescent lighting typically lasts 8 to 10 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Gives of Less Heat: With incandescent lighting you are getting your light from the bulp generating heat. Flourescent lighting is designed to give you light with much less heat resulting in less heat emtting from your bulbs while being more efficient.  


Installation Information:

  • Fixtures are plug-and-play and are fairly easy to install. If you have issues with installation, it is recommended that you contact a licensed electrical contractor.
  • Most fluorescent lights have power cords, either pre-attached or available.
  • Many can be attached end-to-end or together with connecting cables. (Be aware that there are limitations to this; check the spec sheets for how many can be linked together.)
  • There are many accessories available, from cables to switches. Be sure to check the options offered on the left side of the category page.


Installation Tools You May Need:

  • Tape measure
  • battery-operated or electric screw gun
  • hole saw
  • #1 and #2 Phillips head screwdriver
  • allen wrench set

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