How To Install Side Mount Drawer Slides: Step By Step with Photos.

Now that you have determined which type of drawer slides you need for your application we need to get them installed.

The side mount style is the most common mounting option. The reason these drawer slides are called “side mount” is because you will attach them to the sides of your cabinets where they will connect with the mounts installed on the side of the drawer boxes.

I will walk you through the process of the side mount installation quickly, easily and efficiently in just 11 steps. (You will need: drill, carpenter's square)

1. The first thing we want to do is grab one of the drawer slides in hand and separate the drawer profile slip from the slide by pressing the trigger disconnect lever.

Once you've pressed the lever, pull the drawer profile slip completely out of the slide.

2. The next thing we want to do is determine the placement of your drawers. Use a pencil to mark the place where you want to attach the slide. (note: make sure to check the top sides and bottom of the drawer for clearance.)

3. Next, mark the center of the drawer box and cabinet sides.

4. Use a carpenter's square and use the mark to draw a centerline on both the drawer box and cabinet sides.

5. Now we are going to attach the cabinet slide. Place the slide so the front end of the slide is held back from the front of the cabinetry by 1/16th of an inch.

6. Now you will use a drill to pre-drill the holes you will need to attach the slides to the wood.

7. Next you will use your drill to attach the screws to secure your slides into place.

Now let’s attach the drawer profile.

8. Place the profile on the side of the drawer making sure thart the front of the profile is flush with the front of the drawer. Use the centerline mark (number) to center the profile on the drawer’s side. When it is even, go ahead and pre-drill your pilot holes.

9. Use your screws to secure the slides into place.

Now that the drawer profile and slides have been attached, let's insert the drawer into the cabinet.

10. Hold the drawer up to the cabinet and insert the back of the drawer profile into the carrier groove.

11. Slowly push the drawer all the way back into the cabinet until the drawer is completely in the cabinet.

That's it, you did it! Great job!

Once you have inserted the drawer into the cabinet test it out to make sure everything has been connected correctly and it is moving smoothly.

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