Shipping Laminate For Countertops

Here is everything you need to know about how we package and ship laminate for countertops. If you have any additional questions after reading this feel free to contact one of our experts in regards to your order. 

Laminate Shipping Steps: 

1. Each sheet is carefully rolled to prevent creases or damages to corners. Multiple sheets are rolled inside each other2. Sheet(s) are then strapped or taped to prevent them from unrolling during transit3. Sheet(s) are then carefully placed in UPS approved shipping cartons4. Cartons are then sealed, labeled, and shipped directly to you saving time & money and avoiding multiple handling of your product.

How We Ship?

How the heck do we ship a 4X8 or a 5X12 sheet of laminate to your home or job site?

Never fear for we are the experts at this. We have been shipping laminate sheets for many years and have the correct combination of shipping procedures and materials to get your order to you quickly and safely.

Laminates purchased from are shipped direct to you through UPS. They are carefully rolled, banded, and placed in ship tested boxes that have been approved by UPS. Shipping direct actually eliminates the normal multiple handling of your laminate. This will save you time, money, and actually increases the chances that your laminate will arrive safely in good condition.

How Shipping Costs Are Calculated:

Shipping costs for most packages shipped with UPS/FedEx is based on their actual weight which is easy.However some boxes are too large and are classified as "over-sized."


UPS/FedEx has a formula for these boxes that measures the L and W and H of the box and then calculates a weight based on those dimensions. This is called dimensional weight or DIM weight. Often the DIM weight is much higher than the actual weight. Laminates are always shipped in an over-sized box therefore classified as a DIM weight shipment.

To ship one 4X8 sheet that weighs 11 lbs UPS/FedEx calculates its dimensional (DIM) weight at 84 lbs. Your shipping cost is based on the 84 lbs which carries a much higher shipping cost than the 11lbs actual weight. 5X12 sheet that actually weighs 21 lbs calculates as a Dim weight of 98 lbs.

The good news is that if you order 3 or 4 sheets the shipping cost remains the same as the box size is the same and the actual weight does not exceed the Dim weight.

We strive to keep both product costs and shipping costs as low as possible to provide you with the best possible laminate purchasing experience on the web and we thank you for choosing!

Buy your countertop laminate online from and SAVE TIME, HASSLE & MONEY!


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