Grass 1006/1006-30 On Hinge Replacement

The Grass 1006/1006-30 (pictured above) and its last replacement, the 3000 series, have been discontinued and replaced with the new Nexis Series hinges. Below you will find the information you need to replace both the hinge and the mounting plate for your application. We recommend replacing both to ensure compatibilty. You will have new screw holes on the door and possibly the cabinet. 

Step 1: Replacement Hinge Options:  

OldThe Grass 1006-30 with a 120* opening hinge  The Grass 1006 with a 110* opening hinge
NewThe Nexis Screw On 125° Full Overlay HingeNexis Screw On 110° Full Overlay Hinge 


Step 2: Mounting Plate Options


Nexis 2 Point Fixing Cam Mounting Plate 0MM Height    for framless applications (replaces 10760)


Nexis Face Frame Cam Screw On Mounting Plate 2MM Height  for face frame applications (replaces 13158)


Nexis Face Frame Screw On Mounting Plate 4MM Height        for face frame applications (replaces 13159)


You can also click here to view all Grass Base Plate options.

You can also use our Matching Service to send us photos of the parts for identification.

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