Grass TEC 830 Hinge Replacement

The TEC 830 hinge has been discontinued but you can use the TEC 864 as a replacement.

Step 1: Identify your replacement hinge: Look for a number on the base plate (part that attaches to the cabinet) It should read 830-XX where XX could be 33, 40, etc. (see below) IMPORTANT: The two screw holes that fasten the hinge will not line up with your existing screw holes, but the hinge and base plate (one piece now) will work fine. Antique bronze finish is also no longer available. The replacement hinge is only sold in zinc finish.

Here is a list of replacement item numbers. Replacement TEC 830 to TEC 864. 

Replacement Hinge Chart:


Watch: How to Install and adjust Grass TEC 864 Series Face Frame Hinges: 

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