Tips When Choosing Lighting

Once overlooked in kitchens, under-cabinet lighting has gone from an option to a necessity. Cabinet lighting increases the aesthetic value, sets the right mood and provides necessary task lighting for your daily work.

With a properly lit kitchen countertop, you can distinguish sugar from salt with ease. Under cabinet lighting makes your cabinetry the focal point of your kitchen. Lighting makes a dramatic difference in any room that it is installed in. What kind of lighting and how you use it are up to you. Cabinet and furniture lights come in many finishes and styles to fit any decor or need. The design possibilities are nearly endless. Lights can be installed at any time, and they can be recessed into the cabinet or surface-mounted on the cabinet.

While there are many options and choices... quality and cost are always a consideration. makes that choice easy by offering a wide variety of styles and prices for every budget.


DetailsLED lighting cabinet spotlights offer effective flood and task lighting with a low profile. LED lights use less than 25% of the energy of traditional lighting fixtures. They come in a huge array of designs and finishes to suit any application and can be used for cabinets, furniture and displays.Fluorescent lighting is both energy-efficient and a great source of light. Can be used in furniture, displays or under cabinets.
Installation Difficulty

Hardware RequiredAccessories Sold Separately

Accessories Sold Separately

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